The Bonn Adaptive Optics and Vision Laboratory is a research lab at the University Eye Hospital in Bonn, Germany, funded by the Emmy Noether Program of the German Research Foundation.

We use adaptive optics imaging techniques to create high resolution images of the living human retina. By means of fast optical light switching and real-time compensation for retinal motion, we are able to target and stimulate individual photoreceptor cells for extremely precise visual function testing. Continue reading on the Research pages.

Jul 2020:
Our lab wins the Novartis EYEnovative Förderpreis 2019, on Structural and functional characterization of the human foveolar cone photoreceptor mosaic.
For a quick introduction of our research methods combining adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (AOSLO) and human psychophysics, download two book chapters and two review articles:
Click the icons to download our PubMed referenced directory of retinal pathologies studied with adaptive optics in XLS or PDF format (last update Sept. 2021, compiled by Niklas Domdei, Maximilian Pfau and Julius Ameln).
Jun 2021:
A QuickGuide on Foveal Vision is published with Will Tuten in Current Biology.
Jun 2021:
Niklas Domdei's manuscript on Visual sensitivity in the foveolar is accepted at IOVS. Congrats!
Jul 2021:
Jenny Reiniger's paper on Foveolar topography and the PRL is published in Current Biology. Wow, congratulations, Jenny!