...to the Adaptive Optics Vision Laboratory at the
University Eye Hospital in Bonn, Germany.

We use simultaneous adaptive optics retinal imaging and micro-psychophysics to target and stimulate individual photoreceptor cells of the Human fovea for precise visual function testing.

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As an introduction to our methods combining adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, AOSLO, and micro-psychophysics, have a look at these book chapters and review articles:
!! Download links to our referenced directory of AO work on retinal pathologies have moved to the Publications page.
Aug 2023:
Maximilian Freiberg wins the Rupp+Hubrach Wissenschaftspreis 2023 for his Bachelor thesis on binocular fixational eye movements. An extraordinary accomplishment. Congratulations, Max!
Dez 2023:
With Zeiss' Niklas Domdei, we find evidence that foveal cone density can be estimated from high-res OCT images in healthy retinas. Paper in IOVS
Mar 2024:
Humans resolve finer details than a single foveal cone diameter, and drift motion optimizes sampling. Preprint on bioRxiv
Jun 2024:
We detected deep relative scotomas at the site of iRORA lesions. Congratulations Julius, Marlene and Leon!