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System development
We design and build high-resolu-tion scanning laser ophthalmo-scopes (SLO) with and without adaptive optics (AO) for advanced retinal imaging and stimulation.
Clinical imaging
With the tools in the lab we are able to image the healthy and diseased eye with cellular resolution, revealing even the smallest cones and rod photo-receptors in the living retina.
Spatial vision
In how far is our finest sense of visual space, like visual acuity and hyperacuity, dependent on the quality of the retinal image and its sampling by the photoreceptor mosaic?
Eye motion
Beacuse we employ high-speed, high-resolution tracking, we can produce stimuli with high degrees of retinal contingency. How does microscopic eye motion modulate visual perception?
Single Cell Psychophysics
Employing the AOSLO as stimulation platform, we can track and target individual cells with highly focused light - to study each cell's contribution to visual perception.
Retinal circuits
With cell-targeted psychophys-ics we can isolate postrecept-oral computation of the intact human retina. We aim to map receptive fields and cell-cell interactions.
Animal vision
Human vision is just one example of visual interaction with the surrounds. Read here about how other animals, specifically owls, see.
Future projects
The AOSLO platform in our lab is flexible to accommodate all sorts of stimulation regimes. We welcome new project ideas and scientific collaboration!
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Wolf Harmening